We challenge our members: Collabor8te Charity Cup

We have been thinking for a while how we as a company can help others. We have run a few events such as swishing nights and networking events which raised money; we took part in Kiltwalk etc, but we wanted to have something ongoing and something that would be easy and fun for everyone to enter and take part.

It got even harder when we had to close our space because of the lockdown and realised that we have less opportunity for now to run events..

But limiting circumstances can foster creativity and we found the solution!

Collabor8te Charity Cup. 

We and all our members can raise money by doing their regular shopping trips, walks and runs. For every mile we do we are rewarded by 5p.



We are using Fit4Change app that is raising money for charities in a new and innovative way. It is a tracking app, so you just have to install it, choose the charity (in our case it is Collabor8te Charity Cup), click on the activity and it let it run on your phone while you exercise. 

It means that there’s no need to pay anything and you can still collect money for a good cause. The app simply redistributes revenue from ads. 

The member who earns the most money each month will win the Collabor8te Charity Cup.

We will also choose a different charity every month to receive the money. Please, let us know your favourite charity you would like to support. The first will be National Emergencies Trust. 

To make it more fun for everyone we are counting all the miles we did together to take our members around European capitals.

We will share regularly how far we get, where we ‘are’ and what interesting sights we ‘see’ on our way. Find out more about our cup and install the app here.

So – ready, steady, go!

We are starting our journey in Glasgow, where else, of course…


Did you know?

  • Fossil Grove in Glasgow’s Victoria Park has trees that are twice as old as dinosaurs.
  • The City Chambers was built using more marble than the Vatican.
  • Glasgow’s underground railway system, often referred to as the ‘Clockwork Orange’ because of its colour, is the 3rd oldest underground railway system in the world.
  • The Glasgow Tower is the only structure on Earth that has the ability to rotate 360 degrees into prevailing wind and it holds the Guinness World Record for tallest fully rotating freestanding structure in the world.
  • The Horseshoe Bar has the longest continuous bar in Europe measuring 104 feet and three inches.
  • The first official football match was played here – in Partick, to be precise – between Scotland and England. It was at the West of Scotland Cricket Club back in 1872 – and it was a draw, 0-0,
  • The Asian elephant is one of Kelvingrove’s oldest and most popular exhibits – but do you know his back story? Sir Roger joined a zoo in Glasgow in the late 19th century – but by 1900 he was 27 and acting aggressively. The story goes that he had too much testosterone from lack of a mate, and so he had to be put down.

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