Scenario 1

You’ve been working from home for some time now and probably your house has never looked better. Your lawn is mowed every week, you have mastered even the most difficult recipes, dirty clothes basket is never more than half-full but your work productivity dropped and you wish to have someone to talk about, well basically anything, just to talk to someone.

Scenario 2

You’ve been working from home for some time now and probably your house has never been a more annoying place. There is always someone asking you where is a remote control or clean trousers, constantly watching Netflix with volume hitting up the roof and you lost track of time because all the days are the same hectic routine.

It doesn’t matter whether you can relate to scenario 1 or 2 more, the solution might be the same – to have a place where you can focus solely on work and not being distracted by kids or Friends in the background.

Coworking is not a solution for everything (the remote control has to be found eventually) BUT it is a good place to go to get some work done and be part of an interesting and supportive community. 

 Great, you decided to give it a go, but how to find the right space for you?

Step 1: Think first

Put down what is necessary for your work and what would be nice-to-have. You can use this checklist as a good start:

Step 2: Do the research and shortlist 3-5 spaces

You can use Google maps to search for a place close to you or you can use for example Coworker which has a very good database of coworking spaces around the world and allows you to easily compare them including prices, amenities, pictures of space…

It also lets you get in touch with the coworking space or book a tour.

Step 3: Try them out

Coworking spaces offer tours around their spaces and most of them will also give you a free trial day. 

Don’t be shy and use the opportunity! You might find out that one space is too formal or you might feel uncomfortable answering your calls because it is too quiet. Try phone booths, change desks and different rooms in the space and talk with members of the space.

You will get the vibe of the community which is the thing that probably differentiates coworking spaces the most. They can be focused on tech, creatives, sustainability, startups,…

Spaces also very often organise specialised seminars and workshops suitable for their communities, social events, networking etc. So pick the one you feel the most comfortable at and what might be an interest of yours. (Taking part is not compulsory of course, but they are great fun).

Get to know your member host/community manager. They can help you not only with the technicalities of the space but is also a key person to connect you with other members. If you’re looking for someone to help you out with social media, accounting or just need to find pals for hiking,  the member host is the person who knows who to introduce you to.

It’s a good idea to check their Covid-19 safety measures too and don’t hesitate to ask about anything. Do you need to wear a face mask, what are their rules about social distancing, is there enough hand-gel and what is the cleaning regime. 

Step 4: Learn about membership types

The community manager of the space will tell you about the different membership levels they offer.

Coworking spaces are very flexible and with the correct membership type, you will pay only for what you use. You might only need 2-days access in a month for your meetings or you are looking for a full-time base. Some of the spaces can give you also an option to change your membership every month so you can adjust it to your schedule and holidays. 

If your work is based on meeting with clients focus on coworking spaces that include their meeting/training rooms in their membership so you won’t pay anything extra.

And if travelling is part of your job or it is part of your lifestyle, ask whether the coworking space has branches abroad you can visit with the membership you have or if they have some kind of a deal with other spaces. 

Step 5: Read the contract

You have chosen The One and you’re about to sign up. But before you do, read the contract and check specifically things such as:

  • how long are you signing up for, 
  • how can you change the type of your membership, 
  • how to cancel it, 
  • how long is the cancellation period.

If everything works for you, it is time to grab for a pen and put down your name.

The only thing remaining now is to enjoy the space, community and get the maximum out of your membership. 
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About Collabor8te

We are a flexible coworking and meeting space in the heart of Glasgow. With our membership you will get a guaranteed desk, meeting rooms at no extra cost, high-speed wifi, stationery, tea, coffee, snacks and breakfast.

We are very much about community, building trust and knowledge amongst our members and run regular events to facilitate this. We organise networking events, business skills workshops and social evenings, too.

Do you want to be part of our community, have all our events for free and promote your business but you do not need office space? Ask us about our virtual membership Club Collabor8te.