We spend a great amount of time on emailing during our day and it’s actually not that difficult to reduce it as we realised after the latest Lunch & Learn event with our Collabor8te member John Gallagher.  John gave us a few great tips to manage our inboxes that are easy to apply. Read on to see how his tips can help you too.


Boomerang is an extension for Gmail and a great tool if you are receiving dozens of emails everyday. It allows you to snooze notifications for new emails so you won’t get disturbed while you work on projects. You can schedule times for them to appear in your inbox and also set a day and time for messages you need to be sent for example on someone’s birthday even without you being online. With Boomerang you can see which emails were opened to allow you to track your conversations better.


Emails kept stored in an inbox are often in fact just tasks you need to do. With the Todoist extension installed in your browser, you can add your emails to this task management app. It gets easier to track the tasks, you can share it with your colleagues, assign them to relevant people and set the deadlines for tasks to be done. Todoist is super easy to handle yet has everything you expect from a task manager.


Starring emails is an ancient thing. Labels give you many more options to organise your inbox. But do you use labels in a way that really works for you or are they just making your inbox more colourful? I know, it takes too much time to sort all the emails into the right categories, but you do not have to deal with all of them manually. You can set the right filters for emails from certain companies or with certain subjects such as Invoice or Booking. Go to the Settings in your Gmail, then ‘Filters and Blocked Addresses’ and choose sender or keywords for your filters.


Another way to save you some time while emailing are keyboard shortcuts. Yes, there are some special ones for emailing, such as:

  • Reply to a message – Ctrl+R
  • Reply All to a message – Ctrl+Shift+R
  • Forward a message – Ctrl+F
  • Send – Alt+S

You can find more of them here.

And the last tip from John to get not only your email but also yourself organised is a book from David Allen – Getting things done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.

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